Economic Coalition

Our Purpose

The Economic Coalition of Utah was formed in 2020 by business owners and citizens in direct response to long-standing, executive government overreach into the interests of small business. The coalition exists to strengthen the integrity of the local economy in the State of Utah, such that it can remain resilient to any such current and future upheavals in the economic landscape.

The primary goals of the Economic Coalition include:

Why We Are Different

This approach towards business dealings, i.e. collaboration amongst, and not competition between, business owners of varied market backgrounds and specialties stands in stark contrast to current economic modes of thought, wherein large-scale organizations and associations (ex. Chambers of Commerce, Workers' Unions, Trade and Consumer Associations) claim to speak in the interests of small businesses, oftentimes without their direct input or consent. Additionally, organized groups of major-industry CEOs, along with 'think tank' organizations (ex. Utah's Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute), actively work to pressure government and executive agencies through lobbying, i.e. the use of back-door financial and voting incentives.

Our Focus

The focus of the Economic Coalition is that of creating a wholly new method of approaching interactions amongst and between individuals within the economic sphere, via active cross-pollination across the different sectors of the economy.